Lugosi: FSU Delay

VST Effect for Windows
Version: 1.0.5
Lugosi Screen Shot

Loop, Glitch and Stutter

What is Lugosi?

Lugosi is a strange buffer/delay effect. It's lives in area well outside the territory of your regular delay. It's not tame and will not always listen to you. On a good day it will add rhythmic magic to loops. At other times Lugosi will create strange sonic textures with it's hands tied.

How does Lugosi work?

Lugosi records audio into a static two second buffer. Loop point markers control exactly where in the buffer the audio is recorded. At the same time there are separate loop point markers to control the playback position. It is possible to record audio into one section of the buffer while simultaneously playing back the audio in a different unrelated section. When the loop point markers are reversed the audio will also play/record in reverse.


  • Format: VST 2.4 / 32 Bit Only
  • Windows XP,Vista or 7
  • Host with support for 32 bit VST plugins (Cubase, Sonar, FL Studio, Ableton Live etc)