Orange Chorus Beta


I'm considering creating a series of free effect plugins partly inspired by the Kjaerhus Classic series.

My current thought is to only create plugins which can be made with simple GUIs. Say a maxiumum of 8 knobs or switches. The simple controls will be a limiting factor on how effects are designed. However that should make the GUI's quicker to produce, leaving more time to focus on the effect algorithms which is more fun.

My goal was to create a clear chorus effect that could be used to thicken or blur synth parts or vocals. I'm fairly happy with the plugin so far. Depending on the feedback I might tweak the chorus algorithms a bit more. I'm not sure about the all knob GUI design. I think it makes for an attractive overall layout but switches would better represent the functionality of the MODE and SHAPE parameters.



The chorus has three chorus algorithms:

  • Type A mixes the dry signal with one chorus voice.
  • Type B mixes the dry signal with two chorus voices.
  • Type C mixes the dry signal with four chorus voices.
Each chorus voice is a delayed version of the dry signal. The delay time can be modulated to introduce pitch variations.


DELAY sets how much time each chorus voice is delayed by. With small delay times the individual voices will blend together creating single thicker sounds. With larger delay times each voice will become more distinct.


The delay time for each chorus voice is modulated by an internal LFO (low frequency oscillator). MOD RATE sets the oscillator frequency. MOD DEPTH controls how much modulation is applied. Modulating the delay time will introduce pitch variations. Small values will create subtle pitch variations which will help create a thicker chorus sound. Large values will create an obviously modulated effect.


The internal LFO can use a triangle or sine wave shape.


SPREAD allows each chorus voice to be panned away from the center. Using large SPREAD values on mono signal sources will create a wide sound.


MIX sets the balance between the dry signal input and the wet chorus effect. Typical chorus applications will require MIX to be set between 25% and 75%.

Download Links

Orange Chorus 0.4 Windows x32 (Release Date 27th September 2012)

Orange Chorus 0.4 Windows x64 (Release Date 27th September 2012)

Installer Actions

  • Copies the plugin DLL and two additional files to your VST Plugin directory.
  • Creates a plugin data directory. By default this will be in "ProgramData\One Small Clue\Orange Chorus".
  • Creates a registry entry so plugins can locate the data directory.
  • Copies several files to the windows System directory. These files provide optimised math functions and DSP algorithms used in the plugin.
  • An uninstaller is created in the plugin data directory so everything can be uninstalled safely.

Privacy Concerns - Automatic Error Reporting

Orange Chorus will automatically attempt to send an error report if any errors occur.

  • Error reports are confidential and contain a minimal amount of personally identifiable information.
  • Error reports will not be shared with any third party unless required by law.
Please get in touch if you have any concerns about your privacy at all.