Preston Gate

Preston Gate Screen Shot

Preston Gate is a high quality gate, expander and ducker. It is ideal for adding punch to drums, dynamics shaping and noise removal.

Preston Gate features a clearly designed interface that balances flexibility and immediacy. Attack, Hold and Release parameters offer precise control over the gate envelope behaviour. While the Ratio and Range parameters allow just the right effect strength to be dialed in.

Preston Gate can be triggered with an external input, either audio or MIDI. The key signal can be further processed with low and high cut filters to improve gating accuracy.


  • Fast gate response
  • External audio or MIDI input.
  • Low and high cut filters for accurate gating.
  • A/B facility for quick comparisons.
  • Precise and fast metering.
  • Works at all sample rates from 44.1 to 192 khz.
  • Zero latency operation.


  • Host with support for 32 or 64 bit VST plugins (Cubase, Sonar, FL Studio, Ableton Live etc)
  • Windows XP, Vista or 7
Windows VST Effect
Version: 1.0